Case Study - This little piggy stayed at home!

Posted on 28 March, 2016


Our clients bought Truffle, their miniature pot-bellied pig, before the Beckhams’ purchased two micro pigs raising the profile of little porkers. All went well for the first couple of months: piglet Truffle made himself at home, having the run of the family kitchen during the day (he’s potty trained), with accompanied trips round the garden for exercise. In the evening he was allowed in the family room – under strict supervision or he’d chew cables, and toes too if he got the chance

Then, a crisis – the clients were going on holiday! What to do about Truffle who, like any much-loved pet, was happiest in his home surroundings – with lots of attention?

As immediate family proved unavailable to care for Truffle (or were worried about the responsibility), the clients realised that they needed a professional live-in pet care service. Homesitters provided the ideal solution. As the client says “Homesitters really saved our bacon!”

And for homesitters Mr & Mrs Banks, Truffle has been a highlight of their varied homesitting career. Mrs Banks fell in love with Truffle at first sight – but found him a piglet to be reckoned with… “Should you not open the door to the family room early enough in the evening (in his opinion), he’ll let you know by rubbing his nose against the door – which makes a screeching noise like chalk on a blackboard! Then he’ll jump up on to the sofa and clamber on to your lap for a cuddle. He snuggles in and falls asleep; I suppose the body warmth reminds him of his mother.”

Needless to say, Mr & Mrs Banks are now known as ‘the piggy Banks’!

Having a homesitter not only ensures the happiness of your pets, it can also considerably simplify your pre-holiday workload. If you have a menagerie of dogs, cats, small furry creatures, poultry, ponies – and, who knows, another Truffle maybe – you can make arrangements for them and the care of your home and garden with just one telephone call - 01296 630 730!

Notes to Editors

Homesitters Ltd invented the concept of homesitting as a commercial service in Britain. Since 1980 the company has provided a nationwide live-in home and pet sitting service, available throughout the year.

Originally conceived to care for pets and properties while homeowners are away on holiday or business, cover is now provided in a much wider range of scenarios. These include properties awaiting probate/on the market and empty or sparsely furnished properties.

Homesitters is not an agency. The 1000+ employees are meticulously vetted, personally interviewed and fully insured. They operate under the company’s direction with 24 hour back-up.


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