Tips for cat proofing your Christmas tree

Posted on 21 December, 2015

Cat in Christmas Tree

We all love a beautifully decorated Christmas tree – and that includes our feline friends! Here are some tips for cat proofing your Christmas tree:

  • Choose a strong, stable base for your tree to keep it in place if it gets knocked.
  • Wrap tin foil around the base of the tree – cats don’t like the feel of this and it will put them off climbing.
  • Don’t place the tree near ‘launchpads’ such as furniture or shelves.
  • Keep your cat out of the room while you decorate the tree.
  • Place delicate or particularly precious ornaments on the top two-thirds of the tree.
  • Be careful with electrical wires and lighting – tape down excess wire and try to keep it out of cats reach.
  • If all else fails, keep a water spray close at hand – a small light spray accompanied by a firm ‘no’ should give them the idea!

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