Tips for pampering your pets

Posted on 15 June, 2020

We’re a pet loving nation. In the UK it’s estimated that 12 million (44%) households have pets with around 51 million pets owned[i]. We also love to pamper our pets. It was estimated last year that by 2021 the UK pet market value is set to soar to £7 billion – fuelled in part by millennials’ passion for pampering pets with fashionable, luxurious accessories, as well as grooming and professional pet services[ii].

Whilst we are in coronavirus lockdown it may not be so easy to pamper our pets with toys, accessories and grooming, so we thought we’d give you some suggestions for pampering your pets at home that will cost you next to nothing.

Give your dog a massage

Dogs loved to be touched and stroked, but how about going a step further and dedicate ten minutes a day to a doggie massage? It is great for bonding, but also for noticing any unusual lumps and bumps that you need to keep an eye on.It’s a good way to relax and keep your dog calm too, as well as help older dogs that may have stiff joints. Here are some massage techniques to get your started.

Or how about trying these “T-touch” techniques, developed by animal expert Linda Tellington Jones? It was originally a method of training meant for horses but was adapted in the 1980’s for other animals – including dogs. It’s now used in over 23 countries in homes, training facilities, zoos and wildlife rehabilitation centres, and gets incredible results for those who know how to use it!

Play with your cat more frequently

Most cats enjoy playing and interacting with humans, so with more time on your hands at home take advantage of this and add a little extra playtime each day. Throwing a toy mouse or a rolled up tissue is a good way to get your cat to do a bit more exercise too. You could also use some boxes and put some cat sized holes in them, creating a little course for them to explore. It could double up as a dark hideaway for your cat too. If your cat likes to be brushed incorporate this into playtime as well, so they associate brushing with having fun.

Give your dog a bath or shower

With the weather getting a bit warmer consider giving your dog a bath or shower.The coronavirus lockdown means that dogs that are regulars at the groomers won’t be able to go for a while, so this is a good alternative to keep their coat in good condition and smelling fresh.

Make sure you use a dog shampoo or a mild, baby shampoo and rinse it off thoroughly. Consider doing this before your daily walk so they can shake and dry off outside, instead of splattering water all over your home. Or if you have a garden pop them outside for a bit.

Groom your rabbit and Guinea pig

Rabbits and guinea pigs are often left to their own devices in their hutches, but they can benefit from a little pamper session and extra petting too. Take them out daily and very gently try grooming them and brushing out any knots in their fur. Get them used to this over time by combining a bit of stroking with a bit of brushing and see how you get on.

Rabbit and guinea pig obstacle course

Both of these small pets love an obstacle course and it’s pretty easy to make one at home using inexpensive materials. Cut out holes in cardboard boxes so they can go in and out, roll up cardboard or stiff paper to create tunnels and use pieces of wood to create small ramps they can run up. Don’t make these too high though, as you don’t want them to fall off and hurt themselves.

Cook some healthy animal snacks and treats

The variety of pet food now available is huge and people are now more aware of providing the very best food, with the best ingredients for their pets. There is nothing better though than something homemade. Most of us just don’t have the time normally to experiment with recipes for our dogs and cats, but with time on your hands now why not try out a few recipes and see what your dog or cat thinks. There are a plethora of recipes online so choose something you think will appeal to your pet with ingredients you can get hold of easily.

These are just a few ideas for pampering your pets. Please let us know if you have any other suggestions or post some pictures on our Facebook page of your pets getting pampered.




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