Top reasons why a pet sitter is better than a boarding kennel!

Posted on 19 May, 2022

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Written by Myrah Abrar for Homesitters Ltd

Going on a vacation and worried about your pet? Well, you can seek professional help without worrying too much, and when it comes to professional help, you have got two options; hiring a pet sitter or leaving your pet in the boarding kennel.

Which one is better, boarding kennel or pet sitter? The answer greatly depends on the temperament and personality of your dog. The best family dogs are somehow more welcoming towards strangers, and they are less likely to have social anxiety as they familiarize themselves with everyone easily.

Boarding kennels have been in working for many years because they were the only option the dog owner had to leave their pets behind. A boarding kennel is a place where your dog is given a kennel where his security is ensured, and it is fed, exercised, and taken care of.

But in boarding, kennels are not the best options for your dog, even if you own one of the best dog breeds, and the main reason behind this is your dog is not given the personalized care he is habitual. Boarding kennels are taking care of so many animals at a time, and the dogs with social anxiety can never adjust to the environment.

On the contrary, pet sitters are by far the best option if you have to leave your best buddy behind; a trustworthy pet sitter is the best option to rely on. With pet sitters, not only does your doggo get to stay at his own home without the need to change places, but he gets the care and affection he is accustomed to.

Here are some of the reasons why pet sitters are the best option when you’re leaving your precious pet behind;

Pet Sitters are Local and Trusted

You cannot leave your pet to just anyone; the person needs to be trustworthy. Why are pet sitters the best option for you? Well, because they are local and trustworthy, you can ask the parents of the other dogs to know more about them. You can even personally call them in your presence to know their behaviour towards your pets and evaluate them as a pet sitter as you would be leaving your pets alone with them.

Boarding can be Traumatic for some Pets.

It is no doubt that boarding kennels are doing a good job of giving a home to dogs when their parents are not around, but boarding kennels can be the worst traumatic experience for some dogs. First of all, boarding cannot give full-time attention to your dog as they have other dogs to take care of too.

Secondly, being left in kennels with other dogs can bring back trauma stress to some dogs, especially if they have experienced shelter abandonment before. For such dogs, boarding kennels can only elevate the stress and trauma, something that your dog will never recover from.

On the other hand, pet sitters sit your pets at your home, take care of your home, and even stay with your pets at night. Pet sitters are by far the best option for dogs with separation anxiety. Your dog is not prone to even minimal stress with pet sitters; though it is going to miss his parent, his routine won’t be discontinued, and he will have a professional as affectionate as his parent.


Pets go cranky when their routine is disturbed, and some pets even exhibit signs of anxiety and stress when their routine is altered for some reason. Even your dog can show signs of crankiness if you don’t take him to his daily walk or don’t feed him on time, so how can you expect to leave your doggo somewhere where its routine is not followed.

Pet sitters not only give habitual affection and care to your pets but also follow their feeding, bathroom, and exercise schedules so that the routine is not disturbed. On the flip side, boarding kennels have their own schedule and routine, which every dog has to follow regardless of whether he likes it.

Contagious Diseases

Crowded places like boarding kennels make your pets vulnerable to contagious diseases, especially the small pets that can get easily infected. Some boarding facilities ask for certain prior vaccination as well that you might not want to give to your doggo.

Pet sitters are the best option to consider when you have to leave your pet for some reason. They will not only save your pet from contagious diseases but also take care of your pet in case your pet is suffering from something and will provide them the care they need.

Multiple Pets

If you have multiple pets like dogs, cats, birds, fishes, etc., at your home, and you’re taking care of all of them, you cannot just leave them in the hands of the boarding kennels. Pets living together are protective towards one another, and only pet sitters can give them personalized care and affection without having to shift them from your home. No boarding kennel can handle all of your pets together; hence pet sitting is the best option you have.


It’s not likely that you will not miss your pet when you go on a vacation or business trip. You would want to see your pets and video chat with them to see how they are doing. Pet sitters ensure this communication between you and your pet and send you daily pictures of your pet while playing, exercising, or whatever you demand. You can even ask your pet sitter to stay with your pets at night, especially if your pet is habitual of sleeping beside you or if it has separation anxiety.

Other Services

Plants are as important as pets for some people, and they are constantly worried about their plants as well when not home. Pet sitters will not only take care of your pets, but you can ask them to water your plants as well. Moreover, pet sitters also give other services while staying at your home; they can gather your mail for you or anything else you ask them for. Also, they kind of keep your house safe and secure while living in your house.

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