Using Homesitters feels like having family come to stay

Posted on 15 July, 2019

Sarah Evans and her husband, from Buckinghamshire run a car leasing and fleet management company. They have been using Homesitters Ltd for six years since seeing the company advertised in the back of Country Life magazine.

The family had two golden retrievers, Holly and Lily, and a cat, Kizzy which has since died. The couple didn’t want to put the dogs into a kennel while they went away as they wanted them to be able to stay in their own environment, even more so now that Holly is ten as they fear that the elderly dog would not do well in a kennel.

Sarah had booked a house sitter through another agency once in the past, but the sitter the company provided was a very young woman who Sarah felt didn’t cope well with the dogs who were young and boisterous at that stage. While there were no major issues while the family was away, Sarah felt that the sitter wasn’t experienced enough to have handled any problems had there been any, and didn’t feel comfortable booking her again.

When Sarah came across Homesitters Ltd she felt reassured that the homesitters they employ are mature and experienced. She liked that the homesitters came for a preliminary visit and that the company requires an extensive questionnaire to be filled out by the client giving all the information the homesitter needs while staying in their home.

When Sarah made her first booking she was impressed by the homesitters that the company assigned saying, “When the homesitters arrived I knew I’d struck gold. Now we use Homesitters every time we go away as we know the dogs are in safe hands. In fact as we tend to book the same couple when we go away the dogs have known them for most of their lives! When the homesitters arrive the dogs get really excited and give them a lap of honour round the garden!

“When we first used Homesitters we had a very elderly cat who could no longer jump up to her favourite spot on the cupboards in the utility room where she liked to look out the window. When we returned from our holiday we were touched to discover that our homesitters had built a ladder for the cat to climb up on to the cupboard!”

The Evans tend to make about three bookings a year through Homesitters. Sarah says, “We believe that using Homesitters is money well spent and we just include the cost as part of our holiday budget. After all, we chose to have animals so we have to look after them properly. We know that they’ll be well looked after and taken for lots of walks while we’re away and that with Homesitters’ 24/7 support service no problem would be unsurmountable.

“We also find it reassuring that the house is occupied while we’re away. We have an alarm system but nothing compares to having someone staying in the house. Ultimately it feels like having family come to stay.”


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