What do you buy for the pet who has everything this Christmas?

Posted on 7 November, 2016

Christmas Cat

Will Santapaws be visiting your pet this year?

Last Christmas it was estimated[i] that animal lovers would splash out £250million buying presents for their pets, spending between £30 and £50 per pet.

The research from the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals found that 90 per cent of owners buy presents for their pets at Christmas, with four out of ten owners admitting they also buy a gift to send to other people on their pet’s behalf.

If you are looking for inspiration on presents for your pet– here are some quirky ideas that we think your dog or cat would love:

For your dog:

  • Talking babble ball[ii] - a motion activated, durable and interactive animal babble ball that has 20 different sounds to amuse both your dog and the rest of the family
  • Bottom sniffer dog beer[iii] - now your dog can enjoy some festive cheer or a beer at the end of its walk with this non-alcoholic ‘beer’ made especially for dogs
  • Dog tipi[iv] - give your dog a home of its own with this unique and cosy tipi that can easily fit over a pet’s bed or blanket – giving them a snuggly den to retreat to every night.

For your cat:

  • Cat scratching DJ deck[v] - we all know that cats love to scratch and this scratching deck could keep them from getting their claws into your carpets
  • Small cat tunnel[vi] - ideal for playing indoors and outdoors, this soft tunnel offers cats hours of fun, as well as a place to snuggle up and hide in
  • Catnip Design Senses Massage Center[vii] - this will appeals to your cats sense of touch and offers a lovely pampering and multi-sensory experience, with the addition of catnip to appeal to their sense of taste and smell

And if all these sound far too extravagant – wrapping up your pets usual treats or getting a ready-made Christmas stocking from your local pet store will ensure your canine or feline don’t feel left out on Christmas Day.

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