What makes the perfect Homesitter?

Posted on 3 June, 2024

Homesitting is a rewarding experience that combines living in a home with the responsibility of caring for someone else’s property and pets. Whether you’re considering homesitting as a part-time past time, a way to travel affordably, or a full-time lifestyle, certain qualities are essential to be successful.

So what makes the perfect Homesitter?

Reliability and trustworthiness are paramount. Homeowners are trusting homesitters you with their valuable property and their beloved pets, so being reliable and trustworthy is crucial. This means honouring your commitments, arriving on time, and performing all agreed duties with care and diligence. Building a reputation as a dependable homesitter will lead to repeat assignments and glowing recommendations.

Attention to detail ensures that you don't overlook any important instructions, whether it’s watering the plants exactly how the client has instructed or following a pet’s routines or taking it on its favourite walk. Having a keen eye for detail also helps in noticing any potential issues early, such as a leaky faucet or a pet’s change in behaviour. This thoroughness reassures homeowners their home and pets are in good hands.

Communication skills are vital for to build great relationships with homeowners. Before every new assignment, we organise preliminary meetings so the client and the homesitter can get to know each other. These meetings are the ideal time for the homesitter to ask plenty of questions to understand their expectations, emergency contacts, and any special instructions.

Interestingly, when we recently conducted a survey amongst our homesitters and they shared some of their top tips for successful homesitting: 70% emphasised the importance of asking lots of questions to clients in these meetings. During the homesit, keep the homeowners updated on how things are going, and promptly report any issues. Clear and open communication builds trust and reassures homeowners that their home and pets are well cared for.

Love for animals is crucial. A genuine love for animals involves more than just feeding and walking them. Pets require companionship, playtime, and affection. Understanding animal behaviour and having patience with pets, especially those that might be anxious in their owner’s absence, is vital.

Positive Attitude can go a long way in making the homesitting experience enjoyable for both you and the homeowners. Being cheerful and enthusiastic about the opportunity can help you handle any challenges that arise and make the overall experience more rewarding.

We value these qualities in our homesitters, ensuring that both the homeowners and the homesitters have a positive and rewarding experience.

By cultivating these attributes, you can ensure that you provide an excellent service to homeowners, build a strong reputation, and make the most of your homesitting adventures.

If you’re reliable and enthusiastic, enjoy communicating and love animals, homesitting could be the perfect opportunity for you.

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