When you head off on business, who can take care of your pets?

Posted on 16 May, 2016

Pet sitting service whilst away on business

Far flung destinations are on the map for business travellers this year. According to the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA)[i], the six hot spots for business travellers in 2016 are India, China, Colombia, Mexico, Singapore and Australia.

Whilst technology has reduced the need for some business travel many people still value face to face meetings and the GBTA suggests that business travel spend in the UK is expected to grow by 6.2 per cent in 2016[ii].

With London being the UK’s business and financial hub, many people travel from the capital for business every week, often at the last minute. If travelling long-haul it can mean these are extended trips and not just a quick hop over to Europe for the day. This can cause problems especially if people have pets to look after and don’t have family or friends able to do it, especially at short notice.

Many Londoners enjoy having pets and don’t want to miss out on pet ownership just because they work, but at the same time they can’t be an excuse not to travel should their company require it. Most people can manage with a regular dog walker if they own a dog and they are out all day, or someone to pop in and feed the cat if they are away overnight, but when it comes to travelling for longer periods they can get stuck.

One solution is to use a homesitter who will live in your home and ensure it is safe and secure whilst you are away and at the same time look after your pets. Whilst burglaries are rare, the capital is a hot spot, and has a higher burglary rate than the national average; therefore people that travel regularly should do what they can to protect their home whilst they are away.

A homesitter can be carefully selected and matched to your exact requirements and circumstances, and will have experience of dealing with pets, including dogs, cats or even more exotic species such as reptiles and birds. Many Londoners in fact are opting for more exotic types of pet or smaller animals such as hamsters and rabbits that can easily fit into a busy lifestyle but still need caring for if they go away.

Homesitters Ltd has been operating in London and across the UK for the past 35 years and we have many clients who rely on us when they go away on business and holiday. We employ over 1,000 homesitters, who have been carefully vetted and now many of them have been with the company for a number of years.

All are highly experienced, reliable and trustworthy and carry out their assignments with the upmost diligence. Many are retired professionals who are active and they get job satisfaction out of home and pet sitting because they enjoy new experiences but most importantly adore looking after animals.

One of the advantages for people that use our services regularly is they often end using the same homesitter who will be familiar with their home and pets, which can be helpful if they have to travel at short notice. They know when to put the bins out, how often the cat gets fed or the dog’s favourite walks. This means the pets routine is disrupted as little as possible and they already feel comfortable with the homesitter.

Our clients also have complete peace of mind about insurance - we carry comprehensive insurance including Employer’s Liability, Public liability and Professional Indemnity cover.

We also provide our homesitters with 24 hour support on assignment, including during bank holidays, Christmas and New Year, and a dedicated person from Homesitters head office remains in regular contact with each homesitter.

If you travel regularly on business and want more information about our services, please call us on: 01296 630 730 

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