Why cats prefer a home and cat sitter

Posted on 11 March, 2019

Cat hiding

Getting your cat looked after when you go on holiday can be a big worry for many cat owners. Cats don’t particularly enjoy being out of their home environment so for many a cattery can be too stressful and traumatic, especially if the cat hasn’t been used to going to one before.

Getting a friend or neighbour to pop in and feed your cat and clean the litter tray is an option if you’re away overnight, but for longer periods it’s not ideal. Cats are social animals and while they can seem aloof it is a misconception that cats don’t need as much companionship as dogs.

They can go through separation anxiety[i] if left alone too long. This can create behavioural issues and cause them to suffer both physically and emotionally unnecessarily. Often though the signs of separation anxiety go unnoticed or are blamed on something else.

Symptoms include excessive meowing and going to the toilet outside of the litter tray or their usual place, such as urinated or defecating on your bed or clothing.

There is also the added worry that injuries or illnesses will go unnoticed if someone only pops in once a day. They may not be there long enough to recognise any symptoms so something could go unchecked for several days or weeks.

The solution more cat owners are turning to is employing a professional live-in home and cat sitter. This is someone who comes to live in your home and takes care of your cat while you are away. Not only does your cat have the same care and attention as they would if you were there but your home looks occupied and is less likely to be a target for an opportunist thief.

Homesitters have a great deal of experience taking care of different types of cats. Many are also comfortable giving medication or injections which can be something they are asked to do if a cat is elderly or isn’t very well.

Many homesitters end up with regular clients too which means they get to know your cat and your cat gets to know them which makes the whole experience of going away far less of a trauma for both you and your cat.

One cat loving couple who have been using our services for over two years are Vivien and Tony Dance, from the west coast of Scotland. Originally, the couple had two cats - Bonnie and Clyde. Previously when they went on holiday their neighbours used to feed the cats, which were happy to be left.

However when they sadly lost Clyde, Bonnie wasn’t so happy with this arrangement. After one holiday when the neighbours came in to feed Bonnie, they returned to find she was extremely distressed.

Vivien explained, “It took some time to restore the balance after our trip. It didn’t seem to matter that food had been put down twice a day while we were away, Bonnie obviously missed human companionship. I think she was worried she’d been left permanently. We couldn’t go away and leave Bonnie alone again and didn’t want to put her in a cattery, she is a rescue cat and it would have been distressing for her.”

Having heard about Homesitters through friends they decided to book a cat sitter when they next went away. Vivien says, “The couple who came to stay were wonderful and Bonnie was happy so we booked them again for a summer holiday. It gave us such peace of mind to know Bonnie was happy.”

The Dances are also grateful that Homesitters always have a plan B when the homesitter booked can’t make the assignment. This happened over New Year a few years ago when the homesitter couldn’t get to them because of flooding across the country.

Homesitters have a standby list of people who go anywhere at short notice. The couple hadn’t expected a backup plan particularly because it was New Year, the weather was dreadful and they live quite remotely in Scotland.

Within the hour though the company called to say that Roger Noon from Lancashire would come. Roger was very experienced and could easily adapt to the assignment at short notice.

Vivien said, “Homesitters took away all our stress and worry. Roger kept in touch while we were away to reassure us that all was well. When we returned a few days later it was as if we hadn’t been away. The house was fine and Bonnie was perfectly happy.”

If you want that extra peace of mind that your cat and home is being looked after by a caring professional then get in touch with Homesitters to find out more.

[i] https://www.catbehaviorassociates.com/separation-anxiety-in-cats/


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