Why dogs need company too

Posted on 10 April, 2017

Dog Company

Research published by insurers Animal Friends[1] last week revealed that one in three dog owners leave their pets without any company for periods of time that total six weeks over a year.

Being left alone can have a negative effect on dogs. 40% of the survey respondents admitted their pet has shown signs of distress including barking, whimpering and destroying furniture when they have been left on their own.

Their distress also had an effect on their owners and 6% said they no longer go on holiday because they are too worried to leave their pet.

Never going on holiday is a drastic solution. What a shame to miss out on a relaxing break or exploring other parts of the world.

Most people will also have occasions such as a family or close friend’s wedding when they will need to travel and may not be able to take their dog with them.

One solution that will leave both dogs and their owners happy is to hire a home and pet sitter. Homesitters Ltd, one of the nation’s leading live-in home and pet sitting companies, has been looking after people’s pets and homes for over 35 years. The company employs homesitters who are responsible and reliable animal lovers who stay in their client’s homes when they are on holiday and look after their pets.

This means that dogs will have round the clock company while their owners are away. Their pets’ routines and surroundings will remain the same and clients can rest assured they will be well looked after.

There is also the added bonus that their home will be kept safe and secure while they’re away.

Since 2008 Gwen Lawler has been using Homesitters Ltd to look after her Border Collie, Bilbo and cat Baggins.

Discussing the benefits of the service Gwen said, “As my husband and I work from home our pets are used to us being there all day so ensuring there is companionship for them is very important when we’re away. I wouldn’t put them in a kennel and cattery as it would be too much of a disruption – Bilbo prefers the company of humans to other dogs!

“Using Homesitters Ltd is money well spent as it gives our pets stability, and it’s also reassuring to know that the house is occupied as there have been several burglaries in the local area recently.”

Tim and Jill Clark are a retired couple in their 60s and have been home sitting through Homesitters Ltd since 2003. Tim says, “Home sitting suits us because we are doing something really purposeful and the highlight for us is the animals. We have looked after many different breeds of dogs now which has been fascinating – we love playing with dogs. We’ve also looked after race horses, emus and even a pig that lived in the kitchen that we had to tuck up in a blanket before bed. We’ve really had some great experiences.”

For further information please visit www.homesitters.co.uk or call 01296 630 730.

[1] https://www.animalfriends.co.uk/blog/over-a-third-of-uk-dogs-left-alone-for-three-hours-a-day/


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