​Why getting a homesitter is the best option for your home and pets this Christmas

Posted on 23 November, 2015

Christmas holly

Christmas is often the time that people are away visiting family and friends leaving their home empty for a week or two.

However, leaving a home unattended during the festive season can be a risk and a big worry for property owners, with statistics showing this is the peak season for burglaries. According to figures from Halifax, the number of burglaries rise by 25% at this time of year and leaving a home empty can make it a magnet for thieves.

Those that have pets often can’t travel with them, so there is also the dilemma of who is going to look after them. Many people don’t like the idea of putting their much-loved family pets in kennels or catteries, or they have animals such as chickens, snakes or horses that can’t easily be taken somewhere else. So what’s the solution?

For the past 35 years, Homesitters Limited has been providing a live-in home and pet sitting service that gives home owners complete peace of mind that their properties, pets and gardens are being well looked after when they are away.

Unlike other home sitting services agencies, we have over 1000 Homesitters who are all employed by us. They have all been carefully selected following rigorous interviews and vetted for their suitability and experience. Client confidentiality is paramount and our Homesitters will be discreet at all times and fully respect confidentiality.

Many of our Homesitters are retired professionals who are active and get job satisfaction out of home sitting because they love to travel, enjoy new experiences and they are passionate about animals.

We carefully match up our clients and Homesitters by taking a very detailed job brief and ensuring the best blend of experience and skills to ensure a successful assignment.

For instance if you have two active dogs that need lots of walking, your Homesitter will be selected on their capabilities with dogs and love of the outdoors. Or if you have a cat that needs medication, we will ensure your Homesitter is comfortable administering medicines.

You will have the chance to meet your Homesitter before the assignment goes ahead and show them around your home, introduce them to your pets and go through their regular routine – ensuring everyone is happy.

For complete peace of mind, we carry comprehensive insurance including Employer’s Liability, Public liability and Professional Indemnity cover so our clients and Homesitters are appropriately covered.

We also provide our Homesitters with 24 hour support during their assignment, including at Christmas and New Year. So for a stress free Christmas holiday, knowing your home and pets are in safe hands, call us on 01296 630 730 or 020 7084 6320 to discuss your requirements. 


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