Why homesitting is making people happy in retirement

Posted on 5 August, 2019

Happy Retirees

We know our homesitters are a happy bunch but we recently had this confirmed. We carried out research this year and found 82% of homesitters said the role has made them happier in retirement.

Wow – this is fantastic news. We were intrigued to find out why and it seems the top reasons are that becoming a homesitter has enabled them to explore different parts of the UK, spend time with pets and get away from their usual routine.

Whilst many people look forward to retirement, some do worry about being bored and unhappy. Work offers structure and a sense of purpose and once this is gone people can feel unsettled. As charity Age UK[i] highlights, retiring is a huge life event, and can sometimes leave people feeling like they have lost their identity.

Taking on a new challenge, like being a homesitter can be just the thing to keep people busy and active and we find many retired people are choosing to become homesitters. Most homesitters are aged between the ages of 55 and 75 and it’s the ideal flexible role for retirees.

Caring for pets is one of the biggest attractions of the role, particularly as many people decide not to have a pet when they get older. In fact over half say they have chosen not to have a pet of their own because it’s too much of a tie and some find it too upsetting to lose a pet, which is why 68% say that spending time with pets is the thing they enjoy most about the role.

Another benefit is that 62% of those that homesit with a partner say it allows them to spend more quality time together. Homesitting provides a great shared experience for couples, meeting new people and pets and visiting new areas together.

Our research also found almost all (91%) find the extra income they earn useful to supplement their pension. As people are away on assignment regularly, we also found 67% say they save money on their own utility bills too. In the winter this can be significant if undertaking a lot of assignments.

Most say they use the extra income to pay for holidays, meals out, treats for the family and other general living expenses. It is a great way for people to afford those little extras without dipping into savings.

We are always looking for new people throughout the UK to join us as homesitters. We are one of the most established home and pet sitting companies in the UK and are unusual in that all our homesitters are employed by us, which is why many people choose to work through us.

When we asked what our homesitters appreciate most about working for us the top reasons are the 24/7 back up support service whilst on assignment, being covered by comprehensive insurance, the professionalism of the team, the preliminary meeting with clients and the sense of belonging to a team.

We really value our team of homesitters and ensure they are looked after well! If this sounds like the ideal role for you then please do get in touch. You can read all about what it takes to be a good homesitter and what we look for here.

[i] https://www.ageuk.org.uk/information-advice/work-learning/retirement/preparing-emotionally-for-retirement/


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