Why more people are turning to Homesitters during probate

Posted on 19 November, 2018

Rest in Peace

A growing area of our business is probate sits. More people are employing a homesitter to look after a home that is going through probate, so that it’s less likely to be a target for an opportunistic thief. This can partly be attributed to the rise in probate disputes, which can extend the amount of time it takes for a home to go through probate.

On average probate can take six to nine months, but this can be considerably longer if the Will is contested or there is no Will, the estate is very complicated or accurate records of assets were not kept. It has been known to take several years in some cases.

Unfortunately some unscrupulous people read obituaries and death notices, which means that empty homes are more vulnerable to burglars. Other signs that the home is empty such as curtains not being opened or closed, lights not being switched on and post building up inside can also alert local burglars.

It can be heart breaking to find that the home of a loved one has been broken into, valuable items and heirlooms taken or damage done to the home. People can also find insurance cover is restricted or very expensive while properties are awaiting probate, as insurers don’t like covering empty and vulnerable homes.

This is leading more people to use homesitters to act as live-in caretakers for the property whilst the probate process is completed. We can provide professional live-in guardians throughout the UK for as long as is needed, offering peace of mind that the home and contents are being looked after.

Homesitters are not allowed to leave a property for more than three hours at any one time during the day time and one hour in the evening. This means that not only does the home look occupied, helping to deter burglars, but they are on hand should something happen such as a burst pipe which could cause extensive damage if left.

Sometimes homesitters also look after the deceased’s pets. Often it can take time for pets to be re-homed, so knowing that the pets are being looked after can be a real blessing, especially if it’s difficult for family members to take them on.

We are able to move fast and find someone quickly to look after homes going through probate. Our service is cheaper than employing a security service, plus we are endorsed by leading insurers.

In addition, for those that just want a one-day service so the property of the deceased is not left vacant during the funeral, we can provide this too.

If you are dealing with a home going through probate and want to make sure it remains safe and secure give us a call today on 01296 630 730 to discuss your requirements.


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