Why more people will choose homesitters this summer

Posted on 6 May, 2019

With summer fast approaching many people will be looking forward to their summer break. For our homesitters this is one of the busiest times of the year, especially now since more people are choosing to employ a homesitter to look after their home and pet when they go on holiday.

One of the mains reasons is that they want their dog or cat looked after in their home environment. A lot of people don’t fancy the idea of leaving their family pet in a kennel or cattery, as pets can find these places stressful, especially if they are not used to them.

Employing a pet sitter is a great alternative as they come and stay in your home and will stick to the pet’s usual routine. If people have several pets it also makes a lot of sense as it can be quite a mission to sort out several dogs and cats!

Our regular clients also like the fact that their pets form a bond with their homesitter and look forward to them coming to stay.

Whilst dogs and cats are the most popular pet for our homesitters to look after; they’ve looked after a huge variety of other pets too, from llamas and pigs to snakes and spiders.

In fact, we’re happy to look after virtually any domestic pet, so if you are struggling to find someone to take care of your more unusual pet then a homesitter is a great solution.

Another key reason for using a homesitter is to keep your home safe. Empty homes are vulnerable to theft, as well as damage from incidents such as burst water pipes, tiles blowing off a roof or fences coming down.

Having someone stay in your home means the home is occupied, deterring opportunistic burglars, plus there is someone on hand on deal with things should anything happen.

Employing a homesitter also ensures your home is kept aired and the garden plants are watered. During last year’s long hot summer this was particularly important for many of our clients. Employing a homesitter can also keep your insurance company happy and could even reduce your premiums.

One couple, who have been using Homesitters for three years to look after their two dogs, Archie and Bruno, as well as their home, are Travers and Katie Nettleton from Wiltshire

They didn’t want to use kennels and thought it was too much to ask friends to look after two dogs.

The couple find it reassuring that they get to meet the homesitters before the assignment begins which takes away any worries about using the service.

They also like fact that Homesitters employs more mature home and pet sitters, as they feel more comfortable knowing someone responsible is staying in their home.

The Nettletons take pride in their garden, so when they travel in the summer they’re glad to have someone staying in the house who will water the plants too.

Travers says, “Every time we’ve been away we’ve come home to an immaculate home, the dogs are happy and the homesitters have even made sure that there’s milk and bread for us. One of our homesitters even wrote a dog diary telling us what they’d done with the dogs each day while we’d been away which was very sweet and we enjoyed reading it when we came home.

“Having run our own company for 14 years we really value the level of service that Homesitters provides, they are extremely efficient with great attention to detail and we’d certainly recommend them to others.”

If you are looking for a homesitter to look after your home and pets this summer, then please get in touch on 01296 630 730.


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