Why solicitors recommend live-in caretakers for probate and commercial properties

Posted on 3 December, 2018

Empty building

Empty properties, whether residential or commercial, can be magnets for vandals, squatters and thieves. This is even truer today. With high rents and property ownership an unfulfilled dream for many, squatting in commercial buildings, where it’s still not an offence as it is in residential properties, is likely to become more common.

Homes are left empty for many reasons. They may be waiting for a sale to complete and the owners have already moved, they may be having building work done and increasingly today because they are going through probate.

A rise[i] in probate disputes, which can extend the amount of time it takes for a home to go through probate, can mean properties are left empty for several months, especially if the Will is contested or there is no Will at all.

This is why solicitors are recommending employing live-in caretakers to look after homes going through probate and commercial properties. While some people may be put off as it’s an additional cost, this is money well spent to avoid damage to property and the costs of removing squatters.

Live-in guardians ensure the property is secure protecting the property value, reducing insurance premiums and maintenance costs. They will also carry out site-management duties, keeping it well-presented and in good order for any viewers, visitors, contractors, the new owners or occupiers.

We provide professional live-in guardians throughout the UK for as long as is needed, offering peace of mind that a property and its contents are being looked after. For commercial properties live-guardians will do regular checks on all areas of the building to ensure nothing has happened such as a burst pipe or broken windows.

With many commercial buildings occupying large sites this helps ensure all areas are secure at all times – something one visit here and there wouldn’t achieve.

If a burst pipe is left and not found for several weeks it can cause significant damage and a broken window not fixed quickly can provide easy access into the building for squatters.

Live-in guardians won’t leave the property for more than three hours at any one time during the day and one hour in the evening. For commercial properties that require someone on site 24 hours a day then this can also be arranged.

We are able to move fast and find someone quickly to look after homes and buildings, and our service is cheaper than employing a security service, plus we are endorsed by leading insurers. If you have an empty property and want to keep it safe and secure get in touch on 01296 630 730 now to discuss your requirements.

[i] https://www.langleys.com/resources/bereavement-and-probate-resources/the-rise-and-rise-of-probate-disputes


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