​Make sure your home is protected this winter

Posted on 21 December, 2015

Winter Home

Everyone’s home is their castle and keeping it protected is a priority. Winter can have its challenges, with bad weather causing flood damage or burst pipes and the darker days can leave homes at greater risk of burglaries.

If something happens to your home it’s imperative to sort it out as quickly as possible, especially with things like burst pipes which can cause a lot of damage, or fences that have blown down in the wind leaving your home more vulnerable.

For those planning a winter holiday, having someone in situ looking after your home, garden and any pets when you are away can give you complete peace of mind that should something go wrong, a responsible person will sort things out for you straight away.

We’ve been offering such a service to homeowners throughout the UK for 35 years. You could even say we invented the concept of a Homesitter and as a result we have significant experience that benefits our clients. These days more and more people are choosing to leave their homes and pets in the hands of a Homesitter when they go away.

A Homesitter will ensure your pets are kept in their same routines so they don’t fret when you are away and they ensure your home remains secure. Having a light come on at the same time each day to convince a potential burglar you are home is not the same as someone living there.

Before every new assignment we encourage an introductory meeting between the client and the Homesitter to discuss in great detail how the home runs, including where the stop cock is for switching off the water. This is also a chance for the Homesitter to take down all the important contact details for plumbers and maintenance people in case they should be needed.

Homesitters has over 1,000 Homesitters who are all employed by us, many of whom have been with us for many years. They are experienced and during their assignments will have encountered all sorts of issues that they have to deal with, so very little would faze them.

So if you want to make sure your home is protected this winter, why not book a Homesitter and leave your home (plus any pets) in safe hands.


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