Commercial home sitter for house being sold or in between tenants

Commercial sits

Homesitters provides civilised caretakers to look after empty or sparsely furnished properties which may be between tenants or awaiting sale or repossession. Our employees carry out site-management duties and ensure that the property is secure and well-presented, and in good order for the new owners or occupiers. We work for banks, building societies, estate agents and solicitors across Britain, protecting property values and reducing insurance premiums and maintenance costs.

  • The property will not be left unoccupied by the registered caretaker for any period exceeding three consecutive hours during daylight or one hour after dark. Where 24 hour cover is specified, the property will not be left unattended by caretakers. 
  • Smoking in the property is prohibited and visitors are not allowed.
  • The registered caretaker should never let anyone into the client’s property without prior authorisation from the client or after agreement with Head Office.
  • We can provide a caretaker for any length of time, from a couple of days to a few years. Our longest running Commercial sit is 10 years and counting.

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