Feeding time for three dogs

Dog sitting

For most dogs, their owner going out is not a problem; they’re used to it, and they know that the boss will be back soon. But bring out your suitcase, and your dog thinks “Oh dear – this doesn’t look good…” Cats and dogs, particularly, worry when suitcases appear because they associate them with a longer separation and – worse – being taken to dog kennels or cattery.

Placing pets in dog kennels can cause unnecessary stress and suffering

When the pack goes away, the rule for all dogs and cats (but particularly dogs) is “guard the territory and wait until they return”. If they’re removed from the territory and the pack they can suffer significant “separation stress”. This can present in symptoms such as pining, loss of appetite, gnawing, kennel cough, diarrhoea and self-harm.

Dog sitters allow your pet to stay in familiar surroundings

The kindest and best arrangement you can make for your dogs while you’re away is to leave them at home in their familiar environment following their normal routines looked after by a dog sitter.

Homesitters was set up precisely for this purpose. We provide a nationwide live-in dog-sitting service available throughout the year.

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