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Cattery or Cat Sitter – What is Best for Your Cat? At Homesitters, we look after your precious cat whilst you're away from home. Many cat owners struggle every time they want to go away - our trusted pet sitters will ensure your cat is well looked-after.

16 September, 2019

Benefits of using a regular homesitter

Using our Homesitters regularly has benefits including having your pet cared for in its home environment, which most dogs and cats prefer. Improving home security as your home is occupied, helping to prevent an opportunistic burglar. Contact us.

19 August, 2019 - Dogs in hot cars

Advice on how to keep your pets safe & comfortable during the heatwave this summer. At Homesitters, we offer pet sitting services to ensure your pet remains healthy during extreme weather, whilst you're away from home. Contact us for details.

23 July, 2019