Probate sitting service for your house whilst empty and the probate is completed

Probate sits

Properties are particularly vulnerable when awaiting probate, and unfortunately burglars are keen readers of obituaries and death notices. Once word gets around that a home is unoccupied, it is all too easy for an unwanted visitor to turn up with a van and pick off cherished antiques and irreplaceable heirlooms, adding to a family’s grief at the worst possible time.

Insurance cover is often restricted while properties are awaiting probate. Police and insurers strongly recommend that someone should move into the deceased’s home before the funeral takes place, and that they should remain in residence until probate is granted, or at least until all valuables have been moved to safe storage.

At Homesitters, we can provide a live-in guardian for as long as needed to protect against burglary and damage, care for possessions and pets, and maintain unrestricted insurance cover.

We also offer a special one-day service so the property of the deceased is not left vacant during the funeral. For their peace of mind, funeral attendees may also wish to use this service to secure their own home and care for any pets in their absence.