Meet the team

Our Homesitters team has a wide range of pet experience:

Alan Irvine
Alan has had pets mostly dogs throughout his life. He rode over many years competing in point to points and evented. Today Alan and his family have three dogs, a Basset Hound and two Scottish Terriers, all girls and very much adored family pets.
Pictured below: Morgan, Coco and Ella

Photographer Details:
Liz Coleman

Benjamin Irvine

Since childhood Ben has looked after at one point or another, dogs (Cocker Spaniels, Scottish Terriers, Basset Hounds), rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice and fish both tropical and fresh water. Also a keen horse rider who has competed over many years. He now owns an English Toy Terrier called Sasha.
Pictured below: Sasha

Rebecca Irvine

As long as Rebecca can remember, she has always had family pets. Her passion during her early years and teens was horse riding. At present, with her family, Rebecca has 3 dogs (see top photo). She couldn’t imagine not having them in her life. They are very much considered part of the family.

Kathryn Cockell

Brought up with a cat and Dachshund, Kathryn has since had two hamsters in more recent years and a tropical fish tank for many years. Kathryn adopted a Chocolate Lab who came to her at 2 years old and lived until the grand old age of 16!

Sarah Bennett
Sarah grew up helping out on a friend’s farm; she currently shares her home with Willow (pictured below), a Norwegian Forest Cat who loves to sit out in the rain.

Gill Gregory

Lifelong animal lover but passionate about cats. Currently shares life with Lily (pictured below) a 4 year old ‘demanding’ rescue chocolate and cream Burmese.

Heather Reid

Heather coming from Scotland naturally had a West Highland Terrier as her first pet! Now she shares her life with Eddie (pictured below) a Affenpinscher who apparently thinks he is a cat.

Louise Holleron
Louise grew up with Springer Spaniels. She now shares her life with Bruno (pictured below) a 3 year old Newfoundland Cross, who is full of energy and lots of fun but when playing doesn’t realise how big he actually is.

Tara Purser
As a farmer’s wife animals are and always have been a very important part of Tara’s life. Currently she has a German Shorthaired Pointer called Polly, who essentially is a house dog and pampered but is also apt at working on the farm. Home is also shared with a silver grey moggie called Molly!
Polly and Molly pictured below.

Ros Marshall
Ros has had many pets in the past when her children were at home. Now she enjoys other family members pets. Ros quotes ‘Pets enrich your lives!”