Going On A Trip Without Your Pet? Here's How To Prepare.

Posted on 24 June, 2020

Photo by Tillmann Hübner on Unsplash

Passionate pet parents all know the feeling of leaving behind those puppy dog eyes when we have to go away for a business trip or vacation. As much as our pups are like our kids, unfortunately, we can’t take them everywhere we go.

Planning a trip without your beloved pup might not be the best-case scenario, but it’s a great idea to know exactly how to prepare for those few occasions, should they arise.

Here are some tips and tricks for the smoothest, least stressful trip-prep.

Create A “Vacation Kit” For Your Pet

Make the process easier on your pet by creating a “Vacation Kit” containing useful items to keep your pet as happy as possible while you’re away. Include things like:

  • An item of your clothing that smells like you.
  • A new chew toy/scratching post.
  • His or her favorite treats.
  • An interactive toy.

Wear the item of clothing the day/night before you leave, so it’s really got your scent on it and can be comforting to your pup. Once you’ve taken it off, place it in their basket so they feel like you’re close.

Let the pet sitter give them the new toy once you’ve gone! It could build up a bit of trust and give them something to be excited about. The sitter should introduce the treats too. Also, a chew toy can go a long way to relieving separation anxiety (and preventing destructive chewing), as can the you-scented clothing item.

An interactive toy, like a stuffable Kong toy, puzzle toy, or something like a PupPod is wonderful to keep your pet stimulated and take their mind off you not being home.

Choose A Great Petsitting Service

It’s always best to have your pet stay at home instead of going to a kennel or boarding house. That way, they’ll be in a familiar environment with scents they’re used to.

Asking a relative or friend to housesit and feed your pet is great if you can swing it. But choosing to go with a well-established petsitting company will really put your mind at ease. They’re experienced, in many cases qualified, and have a love for animals!

A simple Google search can give you an idea of pet sitters near you. Make sure you choose one that’s established and has great reviews. If other pet parents felt that their trust was well-placed, it’s a good indication of the quality of the service. Look for:

  • A sleek, user-friendly website.
  • Helpful and positive customer reviews.
  • Easy-to-find information such as contact details and where they operate.

Leave A Petsitting Blueprint

To ensure the most stress-free trip for everyone, leave your petsitter a comprehensive blueprint of how to care for your pet. It can include things like:

  • If your pet is susceptible to separation anxiety and how to deal with it.
  • Medications.
  • Walking/playtime schedule.
  • Special dietary requirements.
  • When to give them treats.
  • Where the dog food/medication/treats are kept.
  • How to set up the interactive toys.
  • Your pet’s unusual habits.
  • Contact details of the vet.
  • Emergency contact numbers.

Remember, you know your pet best. All pets have quirks, habits, and preferences, just like we do. Making sure your petsitter understands these little things will mean less stress for both you and your pet.

Extra Tips & Tricks

Your trip will be off to the best start if you’re sure your pet is in good hands and has a little kit you’ve created especially for their comfort. The last few things to remember before you head out the door are:

  • Make sure there’s enough food/treats to last your whole trip.
  • Don’t make a big deal out of leaving.
  • Ask your pet sitter if you can check in with them daily.
  • If you can (and your pet wouldn’t go too crazy), video call your pet while you’re away so they can see and hear you.


As much as we’d love to take our pets wherever we travel, going on a trip without your pet doesn’t have to be tough for either of you. With just a bit of preparation, you can have a great trip and relax knowing that your pet is safe and being taken care of in their favourite place!

Blog written by Mike Powell, Editor-in-Chief at Dog Embassy - www.dogembassy.com

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